I’m going to be blunt. This is the internet. There is little I can do on a WordPress site and a PollDaddy account to ensure that your information is safe. Please don’t assume I can. All I can do is tell you what *I* will do and leave it in your hands.

The following list pertains to all data I gather through surveys and interviews from GEEKTHROPOLOGY which is entirely separate from any data I collect for my completely unaffiliated institution-based research.

I WILL NOT give this data to anyone else.

I WILL NOT allow anyone else access to this data, as much as I am able.

I WILL remind you with each survey/interview that you should take proper steps to avoid being identified as necessary.

I WILL NOT directly quote any answers given.

I WILL NOT use any usernames or other identifying information.

I WILL do my best to ensure that the information stays with me and only me and even when using the data to create my posts, I will keep the answers anonymous.

If you have ANY concerns or questions, I can be reached at